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Setting foundations for creativity

How parents can set the foundations for creativity does not have a straight answer. Instead it is at the base of a continuous learning process. Parenthood and creating a nurturing environment is no doubt the hardest job in the world and carries many challenges and responsibilities. After all, although parents are the first and foremost educators of the next generation of parents who will struggle with new questions. Parents are not born as parents, but learn as they go depending on the situation. In a world marked by vast and rapid changes, they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for raising children that can meet the challenges of a world in motion. The job of parenting can be extremely daunting. Many parents (including myself) struggle with "how to get it right". There are circumstances that make life daunting for parents and children and this is were creativity plays a vital role. For example trying to manage behaviour in relation to technology may need to see the importance of changing perspectives and to teach children to use technology to create rather than mere watching videos. Creativity and seeing what the child can do in play and art may contribute to coping with a disability. Allowing children to engage in art and play, and providing them with a private space and time to create may help them adjust when , moving to a new house, a new country, a new school, bullying, or changed family circumstances such as a new sibling, divorce, or the death of a loved one. As parents are increasingly busy, there is a need to create certain routines in our reponses to our children. Too little or too much attention, irregular contact, over-indulgence and over-reacting may encourage the child live with lack of self-determination or self-doubt. Setting foundations for creativity is first of all related to our attitudes.

  • Release the struggle about having to do it all perfect, by writing down ideas and solutions. Although you may think you are not creative, creativity manifests itself in many of our daily experiences such as in cooking and improvising. You can make Saturday our joint cooking day. Although we don't have much money, we can start a recycle bin and see what your child can create out of the recycled items. We can make time on Sunday afternoon. Let your child create and explore together, stimulate ideas by not being critical.

  • Stop being anxious about your creative ability as a parent by sharing with yourself through pen and paper. Reflect every week what you have done to contribute! By looking for a solution allows you to see what you cann do.e list will soon be longer than you think

Creativity starts with making time, and with acceptance of not being perfect, but by becoming conscious of ideas. By creating an for them and with them. Having consistent communication with your partner and to set sensible, fair and firm expectations for yourself as a parent is critical to your wellbeing and preparing your children to be secure, independent and resilient people. Being the creative person you can be for your children does not mean being a perfect person. A welcoming environment and joint discovery is the greatest gift you can give yhour child.

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