A visual tour
Exploring the role of creativity
Arts of the Earth Learning Hub
Arts of the Earth was founded in 2011 with the aim to create social dialogue.
Outreach through art
Arts of the Earth provides the design, development and delivery of outreach programs, workshops and training in Singapore and around the region.
Identity and agency
Masks, ancient tools for identity and self-expression.
Art Exhibitions and Advocacy
Arts of the Earth Learning Hub is an advocate of the arts as a powerful catalyst for children's learning and communication
Creating visions
Rooted in forward looking perspectives
Moving beyond boundaries
Individual identity and agency
Artworks contain symbols that gain meaning, and when used with other symbols and tell stories. Although, children's artworks may appear simple, the symbols require a knowledge of their meanings. As we learn to read them, we learn the child's individual language.
Wonder about the world
In a time where abstract reasoning seems to be preferred Arts of the Earth celebrates wonder about the world. It is the connection with our emotions that drives our cognition.
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